Interview: Senior Early Applications


College Career Consulting

Q1: How do you feel after submitting your early applications? 

“I’m happy but nervous at the same time waiting for results!” – Amber Cheun 

 “I feel pretty good and lightweight. I feel so free right now!” – Samuel Hong 

Q2: What was the most important factor that influenced your early decision school? 

“The most important factor for me in deciding my college list were the living conditions and academic opportunities.” – Bryan Lee 

“I like the sports at the schools I’m applying to because it’s an important part of my identity. I feel like with sports I can connect with more people that have a similar mindset as me. I want a school that’s focused on community.” – Ian Lee 

Q3: Which aspect of the common application did you spend the most time on? 

“Definitely the essays. It took me a while to write the personal essays since I was having a hard time coming up with a good topic.” – Vivienne Chung 

“Probably the essays. It took me quite a while to finish my personal essay.” -Taejoo Lee 

Q4: What are your plans for the Regular Decision round? 

“I plan to firstly apply to the other schools that I want to go to. Once I’m done, I plan on going to Japan with a couple of my friends as a reward for the hard work we put into finishing these applications.” – Vivienne Chung

Q5: What are your plans if you get into your early school?

“My friends and I plan on going to Yongpyong to ski and hang out!” – Amber Cheun 

“If I get in, I’m going to play baseball and football everyday.” – Samuel Hong