DRX defeats T1 and wins LoL World Championship


Deft embracing his first Worlds trophy.

The underdog DRX defeated T1 3-2 and won the League of Legends (LoL) World Championship on Nov. 6.

DRX’s win was surprising for many fans. Though DRX already proved their skill in victorious matches against EDG and Gen.G, many fans still expected T1 to defeat DRX and reclaim the throne.

“Everybody in T1 has displayed their capability to carry games—namely, T1’s top laner Zeus frequently dealt impressive damage with Jayce and Gangplank,” Kevin Kim (11), passionate T1 fan, said. “Meanwhile, DRX’s top laner Kingen did not have many impactful team fight contributions in quarter- or semi-finals.”

Contrary to popular belief, once the games started, the two teams were neck and neck. Not only did DRX’s AD Carry deal impressive damage, but Kingen also showed noticeable improvement.

“Kingen’s Camille in game two and Aatrox in game five displayed an extraordinarily amazing performance against Zeus,” Austin Lee (9), avid DRX fan, said. “Based on the advantage he gained during the laning phase, he dominated in team fights by taking good positions. He was clearly the MVP.”

Yet T1 also performed outstanding plays from time to time.

“T1’s AD Carry Gumayusi was putting up a show,” Kevin said. “He stole objectives twice as Varus in games three and five, saving his team from immediate defeat.”

But the decisive factor leading to DRX’s win was their resilience.

“Despite getting objectives stolen, DRX would not collapse,” Jeffrey You (11), avid Worlds viewer, said. “They simply would calmly prepare for their next fight—and win it. Especially in the fifth game, the accumulation of these victorious fights gave the opportunity for DRX to end the game.”

As DRX destroyed the nexus in the fifth set, fans reacted with excitement, congratulating DRX and Deft for achieving their first Worlds trophy.

“They definitely deserve this trophy,” Austin said. “Some say that DRX was lucky, but I say that their dedication and desperation to win allowed them to earn this spot.”

“As a Deft fan, I am happy to see him finally receive the praise he deserves,” Jeffrey said.

Regardless of which team they cheered for, LoL fans thanked both teams for presenting such an entertaining match.

“All ten players played nearly perfectly—from laning to team fighting,” Kevin said. “Though I am sad that T1 Faker couldn’t earn his fourth championship, I feel fortunate that I could watch live one of the best Worlds finals.”