Varsity cheer makes a successful comeback this season


Varsity cheer team’s half-time performance

On Nov. 17, the varsity cheer team had its first successful home game of the season. The team performed sideline chants and a half-time performance during the girls and boys varsity basketball game against YISS. 

Ever since the pandemic, the cheer team was mostly unable to attend games due to COVID-19 restrictions. Though the cheer team was able to cheer and perform during a few games the previous season, they were not able to partake in all home games for the same reasons. 

Though the cheer team currently consists of 17 members—16 competition members and one alternate—only 12 members are allowed to perform sideline chants at a time. During each quarter, the captain rotated the members to allow everyone to chant at least once. 

“Alumni cheer captains from four years ago filmed several sideline chants for us to memorize,” Grace Song (12), varsity cheer member, said. “We memorize and use these chants every year, almost like a routine. I think that the rule of only having 12 members chant is effective because it prevents the gym from getting too crowded or from the cheerleaders interfering with the game.”

After the first two quarters of the game, the 16 competition members performed the half-time choreography created by the captains. The routine was a combination of the cheer try-out dance and new choreography.

“Last season, we only started going to the home games during the second semester,” Anna Piscioneri (11), varsity cheer co-captain, said. “Thus, we did not have enough time to create a separate half-time routine. This year, we were fortunate enough to prepare for the games earlier on and perform a proper routine.”

It has been three years since the varsity cheer team stopped going to away games all together. However, with COVID-19 being under control, the cheer team is now allowed to attend away games. They will be attending the upcoming game at KIS on Nov. 23, and will continue to adjust their game schedule depending on their KAIAC routine progress. 

“My first cheer game was exciting, but I was mostly nervous,” Minseo Park (9), varsity cheerleader, said. “Though we practiced intensively during cheer practice, we still made a couple of mistakes during our chants and half-time routine. I am looking forward to our future games and hope that we continue to improve throughout the season.”