Mohammed Bin Salman visits South Korea


Image Source: Reuters Mohammed Bin Salman arrives on Korea

On Nov. 17, Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, visited South Korea for the first time in three years, marking the 60th anniversary of Saudi-Korean relations. 

Salman’s visit aimed to strengthen ties between South Korea and Saudi Arabia diplomatically and economically. During his time in South Korea, Salman held a summit, discussing a new plan for a “new future-oriented strategic relationship.” 

At this summit, president Yoon emphasized the importance of Saudi Arabia to South Korea as the nation’s greatest trading partner. “Now is the right time for the two nations to take a leap forward to build a new level of relationship,” said president Yoon. 

“I think these meetings in South Korea are important,” Yates Park (10), aspiring politician, said. “I’m very happy to see strong partnerships start between Saudi Arabia and South Korea especially because it’ll be helpful for future Korean developments.”

In addition to president Yoon, the crown prince has met with leaders of major Korean companies. During his visit, he met with leaders including Lee Jae-yong, Samsung’s leader, and Cho Tae-won, SK’s leader. 

Discussions focused on expanding energy defense and infrastructure. This revolves around a reported investment in creating a “Neom City,” a renewable city that relies primarily on renewable energy. The large business tycoons were especially interested because the “Neom City” is a massive project by Saudi Arabia, costing up to $500 billion. 

“I think this project will be a huge economic boost for not only the major companies like Samsung involved but also the general economy of South Korea,” Calvin Kim (12), global economics follower, said. “Just by taking part in that project, South Korea might enhance their global presence.”