‘Reborn Rich’ Report


The new JTBC K-drama “Reborn Rich” first aired on Nov. 18. It airs three episodes per week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. KST. Starring renowned actor Song Joong-ki, “Reborn Rich” brings a unique plot that has captivated audiences across the nation, with six episodes currently released.

In the first episode, Song plays a corporate worker named Yoon Hyun-woo working for the Soonyang Conglomerate, a super company that clearly alludes to Korean chaebol companies such as Samsung. Hyun-woo is a loyal servant of the inner family and is faithful without question; he forgoes any social life.

However, when a mysterious order made by an unknown Soonyang family member leads to Hyun-woo being framed for embezzlement and executed, he wakes up to find himself reincarnated in the 1980s as the youngest grandson of the Soonyang family, Jin Do-jin.

Using his knowledge of the future to his advantage, Do-jin gains immense wealth by investing in Bundang land before its development and in Amazon before its entry into NASDAQ. However, Do-jin is not growing his wealth for no reason. He wants to take revenge on Soonyang, who he holds responsible for his death, and to discover his murderer.

He invests under the name of a company called Miracle Investments with American investor Oh Se-hyung, his friend, as the figurehead. Do-jin uses his anonymity and resources to fight against Soonyang and disrupt their business.

Also, when Do-jin discovers that Soonyang was the cause of his mother’s suicide in his past life due to their deceptive stock exchange practices, his desire for revenge grows even more. In the sixth episode, he challenges his grandfather, the leader of the Soonyang group, to a direct confrontation.

“Reborn Rich” is reminiscent of Song Joong-ki’s past drama “Vincenzo,” with his character in both shows being a powerful character untouchable by others due to their unique abilities. The villains of both shows are also powerful conglomerates with strong political affiliations who are not held by the laws of the public. Thus, it is up to both protagonists to take them down.

From the current direction of the show, it is unclear what will happen next. Inferring from the teaser of episode 7, there will likely be a tense confrontation between the protagonist and the first-born grandson of the Soonyang family, Jin Seong-joon. Seong-joon was already wary of Do-jin’s growing presence in the family, as they had a negative interaction when they were children.

With a clear villain and hero established, the drama might turn into a war of finance and politics, with both people attempting to outsmart each other to become the owner of Soonyang.

The unique appeal of this drama comes from its depiction of Korean historical events, showing respect for the tragedies of Korean history in a non-offensive way. As the events of the show progress into more recent human history and eventually the future, it will be interesting to see how far Do-jin will progress in his quest for revenge and power.