Spotify Wrapped 2022 releases to users


Spotify Wrapped

On Dec. 1,  Spotify finally released its annual Spotify Wrapped rundowns to its users, providing fans with a summary of the listening habits they demonstrated over the year. 

Every year, Spotify tells its users their top artists, songs, albums, and podcasts. This year, they added two new additional data stories: listening personality and audio day—an interactive story that gives one a glimpse into how one’s music taste evolved throughout the day. 

“I was really excited to see my Spotify Wrapped results,” Rachel Cho (10), Spotify user, said. “It is a great surprise every year to see who my top artists were. I also think that the new data stories were very interesting.” 

Spotify Wrapped also released the top-most-listened-to artists of this year. Bad Bunny stood at first place again for the third consecutive year with Taylor Swift coming in second with her hit album “Midnights.” 

“I was so glad to see Taylor Swift included in the top-most-listened-to-artists list,” Eunbin Macklin (10), Taylor Swift fan, said. “She has been working very hard this year to make her ‘Midnights’ album. She really deserves all of the love she has been getting.