Andrew Tate gets arrested in Romania


Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and internet personality known for his controversial views about male dominance and female submission, was arrested last month in Romania on rape and human trafficking charges. Tate, alongside his brother and two Romanians, was included in the initial round of arrests.

“It was so sudden; I did not even know he was in Romania,” Terry Seong (10), celebrity news follower, said. “It came after his public argument with climate change activist Greta Thunberg, and this was a twist no one saw coming.”

Tate’s argument with Greta Thunberg was the catalyst for his arrest, as a pizza box shown in his response video to Thunberg contained a specific logo that alerted the authorities to his approximate location. Soon after his arrest, authorities also confiscated $4 million worth of luxury cars and watches.

The reasons for his arrest were later disclosed, revealing that six women had come forward with allegations that they were subject to physical and sexual abuse, including rape and unwanted taping of sexual acts. The women were allegedly lured in with the promise of love. Tate denies all allegations against him and has repeatedly appealed for his release, which was rejected.

This arrest is the most significant out of his many prior controversies, as he openly advocates for domestic violence against women and was even previously banned on every major social media site for violating community guidelines until his reinstatement on Twitter by Elon Musk. However, this arrest and his prior banning have not affected his popularity among young men, many of whom view him as a lifestyle coach.

“I do not think Andrew Tate is a bad person because he has done a lot of social work and is good for society,” Aiden Lee (11), entertainment news enthusiast, said. “He also gives good life advice and some things he says are actually useful. However, I do not agree with some things he said about women as they are misogynistic.”

However, Tate’s arrest has been celebrated by many of his critics, who dislike him for his controversial social views and conservative values.

“I hate Andrew Tate,” Yoonseo Kang (11), Andrew Tate critic, said. “Besides his views being hyper-misogynistic and negative for society, he is also a criminal and a sex offender.  I know he is currently arrested for human trafficking charges and I hope he gets convicted and locked up forever.”