South Korea’s temperature reaches record low this winter


South Korean citizens sweeping snow in freezing weather

On Jan. 24, South Korea hit its record-low temperature of minus 39.3 degrees Celsius in the north and minus 25.5 degrees Celsius in Seoul. The country continues to face extreme weather conditions due to the Siberian anticyclone reaching northwest of the peninsula. 

On Jeju Island, all flights and passenger ships were canceled after the Disaster and Safety Management Headquarters issued the second highest weather warning. Wind speeds also hit their record-high in the past seven years of 75 kilometers per hour at Jeju. 

“I left the house on Tuesday to go to my hagwon, but came back in quickly when I found out that the class was canceled,” Seojin Park (11), student who experienced Tuesday’s weather, said.  “I was only outside for ten minutes and I wore warm clothes, but I felt frozen by the time I went back inside.” 

Due to the icy roads and extreme winds, concerns for public safety arise, especially with many traveling for the Lunar New Year holiday. As such, road closures and other precautions are being held for the safety of the public.