US Plans to send Abrams Tanks to Ukraine


On Jan. 24, the US finalized plans to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Though the Biden administration has not officially announced the exact number of tanks and weapons that will be sent to Ukraine, America’s top national security officials are taking active measures to take Russian officers out of Ukrainian land. 

“This is just another one of the many steps America is taking to protect Ukraine,” Ewan Huh (12), follower of news on the Ukraine war, said. “It’s no surprise that US officials are sending massive tanks.” 

Abram tanks are advanced vehicles made of steel armor that have multiple firearms locked into its system. Soldiers can slip inside these vehicles—and work under protection—whilst simultaneously killing their opponents. If these tanks are put to good use, they could allow Ukraine to retake territory against Russian forces and create time to dig defensive lines. However, it remains a concern whether Ukrainian forces can effectively maintain and operate Abram tanks on the battlefield.