“Everything Everywhere All At Once” leads Oscars with 11 nominations


“Everything Everywhere All At Once” Trailer Poster

“Everything Everywhere All At Once,” a comedy sci-fi film that follows the adventure of a Chinese-American immigrant trying to discover the meaning of existence, has topped this year’s Oscars race with 11 nominations. 

“I think ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ definitely deserved the nominations,” Alex Lee (10), “Everything Everywhere All At Once” fan said. “In the midst of current-day movies that feel so formulaic, ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ felt like a breath of fresh air. It instantly became one of my favorite movies of the past few years. Everything from the incredible visuals to the emotional story made it feel more like a passion project than another run-of-the-mill studio-mandated project.” 

Being the lead actress in the movie that won more nominations than any other film in the 95th Academy Awards, Michelle Yeoh could become the first Asian lead actress winner in all of Academy history. 

“I am glad that Asian women are getting more recognition in the American film industry,” Sophia Lim (10), fan of Michelle Yeoh, said. “There are so many underrated Asian actresses out there who just need the right platform to showcase their skills. Michelle Yeoh did a great job in ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once,’ and I hope she and her team end up winning most, if not all, of the awards they were nominated for!”