SIS competes at KAIAC robotics championship

On Jan. 28, SIS competed in the final KAIAC robotics tournament at SFS, in which SIS placed fourth out of ten alliance teams, or a total of 21 participating teams. Four teams from APIS, four teams from Chadwick, three teams from Dwight, five teams from KIS, and four teams from SFS  competed against each other to determine the final rankings for this season. 

Starting the tournament, the last two qualification matches took place to determine the preliminary ranking of the teams before the championship. SIS lost both matches, placing 16th. After the qualification matches, each team merged with one other team to compete in the championship. SIS teamed up with SFS 2723C.

The teams were then put in a single elimination bracket to determine the winner of the championship. SIS and SFS won their first match, making it to the Semi-Final bracket. However, they lost the next two matches, placing fourth.

“I thought the finals brought a totally unexpected yet decent result,” Tobias Choy (11), robotics team robot driver, said. “Though our robot, code, and my driving skills were not perfect, the finals were still the best part of the season; we persevered through lack of materials and tools to bring a stellar result.”