“The Glory” series review


“The Glory” Poster

On Dec. 30, 2022, Netflix released the hit Korean TV series “The Glory.” The show immediately gained explosive popularity, recording over 25 million views in three days. 

The plot follows the adulthood of Moon Dong-eun, who was bullied throughout high school by a group of wealthy classmates. Ironically, the victim is forced to drop out of school, but Dong-eun takes this time to work and plan her revenge. 

Dong-eun forms a meticulous plan and executes her scheme of vengeance once she has earned enough money. Her plan includes becoming the homeroom teacher of her bully’s daughter and learning baduk to catch the attention of her bully’s husband.

“I was engaged throughout the show mostly because of how intense it was and how there were always unexpected twists,” Alex Cho (10), fan of the show, said. “Looking at how the script and director focused a lot on the effect of karma, I think that the main message of the series is to treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Prior to its release, the show received spotlight for its renowned cast members: Song Hye-kyo, a famous actress and lead role from a previously popular show “Descendants of the Sun” plays Moon Dong-eun; Lim Ji-yeon from “Money Heist: Korea” appears as Dong-eun’s main bully. 

The drama appealed to a global audience and even trended on social media amongst Thai fans who began talking more about school violence with the hashtag #TheGloryThai.

Although very brutal, the show mirrors the reality of extreme school violence and bullying in South Korea through the lens of a true story that took place at an all-girls middle school in 2006. At the time, three ninth-grade students bullied their classmate, demanding money. When the demands were not met, the bullies would use a baseball bat, a barrette, and even a curling wand to punish the victim.

“I think that a reason why this show is so popular is because many can relate to Dong-Eun’s story growing up,” Vivienne Chung (12), avid Netflix viewer, said. “Seeing the main character take revenge for her painful past would definitely evoke feelings of even comfort amongst victims within the audience.”

The series ended on a cliffhanger, but Netflix quickly announced that part two will be coming on March 10 with the same cast.

“I feel as though the first season was mostly focused on Dong-Eun’s childhood and highschool experience,” Melissa Kim, (11), fan of “The Glory,” said. “I look forward to seeing who becomes Dong-eun’s ally the next season, and hope that there is more focus on her revenge.”