SIS ventures into the Science Bee


SIS participated for the first time in the International Academic Competitions’ Science Bee on Sunday, Feb. 5. Five members of the Science Club—Paul Moon (11), Yuna Park (11), Tobias Choy (11), Cecilia Yoon (10), and Lucy Jang (10)—individually competed against students from all over Asia, including Malaysia, Japan, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, and more. This specific event was the 2023 Winter League Science Regional Finals, and it took place online.

SIS competitors dominated overall, particularly Paul, Cecilia, and Yuna who came in first, third, and fourth respectively in varsity. Paul finished the finals round with 16 total points, while the competitor in second place had four.

“The event was definitely interesting, but it was also very difficult,” Tobias said. “I knew the answers to several of the questions, but the other students were so fast that I could not buzz on several occasions. I do not think I was prepared enough for the event—I will have to practice more for the next competition.”

To qualify for the finals, SIS students had to take the prerequisite Online Regional Qualification Exam, a 20-minute test with 50 questions. 

There was little preparation for the event, as only one club meeting was dedicated to taking the Online Regional Qualification Exam. Despite the short preparation time, SIS students competed at a high level.

The unfamiliar competition format of the finals was a challenge to SIS students, most of whom were participating for the first time. The rounds consisted of 30 questions read out loud by the moderator, with competitors trying to answer as fast as possible.

To be honest I did not adequately feel prepared for the competition at all,” Lucy said. “It was also difficult trying to balance out science bee prep with summative tests and other school work. Since it was my first time, I didn’t have a great idea of how much I needed to prepare in such a short amount of time. However, I am taking AP Bio this year, and I think taking this class helped me during this competition because I knew the answers to some of the Biology related questions.”

The SIS participants also qualified for the Asia & Oceania Championships taking place later in the year in Taiwan, though participation may be limited due to the location and potential coincidence with the school schedule.