Students react to Chiefs’ Super Bowl win


Source: New York Times The Two starting Quarter Backs

On Feb. 13, the Kansas City Chiefs were crowned national champions after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in the 57th Super Bowl. 

Though Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes had an ankle injury, he performed well, throwing four touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Hurts also had a strong performance, throwing 300 yards and rushing 70 yards. 

Despite the Chiefs’ ultimate win, the last-second penalty call garnered a controversial response. Specifically, a last-minute defensive holding foul was called on the Eagles. This led to a penalty that would only leave the Eagles eight seconds to tie the match. Alternatively, if the controversial call was not made, the Eagles would have had around two minutes to score. 

“The match was really entertaining overall because both of the teams were eventually matched until the miscall by the referee,” Samuel Hong (12), Eagles fan, said. “I was disappointed by the ending because I think that call could have greatly changed the results.”

Many students and teachers celebrated the Super Bowl with their closest friends. 

“The Superbowl’s almost like a holiday for me,” Alex Cho (10), American football fan, said. “I always try to gather with my friends or family members to enjoy the match because the Superbowl provides more than just the football game.”

The Superbowl half-times are always famous for artists and their performances. During this year’s halftime, Rhianna, a Barbadian singer, performed 12 songs consecutively. Her half-time performance garnered a positive response from both fans and the media. 

“As a fan, I was really entertained to see Rhianna,” Alex said. “The half-time show kept me interested even during the long break time.”