Spring sports begin


On Feb. 14, the spring sports tryouts began. This season consists of soccer, badminton, and track and field. 

There are many changes for the spring season—namely, track and field became a varsity sport. Prior to this year, track and field were not recognized as a varsity sport. 

The varsity boys badminton team also faced change with Ross Atkins, PE teacher, taking over as the coach. Tryouts were competitive as the boys team only had 12 out of 21 players make the final roster. The girls team also accepted 12 players. 

“In general, the tryouts were very competitive for the boys and girls,” Mr. Atkins said. “This year, the boy’s team has a lot of depth. Still, I want a more tactical system, focusing on tactics and data-based feedback.”

For varsity boys soccer, 33 players tried out and 24 got in. However, two of the players were chosen as developmental players, attending practices but not playing in games. 23 players made the girls varsity team.

Additionally, the soccer team returned to the Red Division of KAIAC. Last year, SIS played in the same division as SFS and Chadwick, the champion and runners-up of KAIAC respectively. But since both teams are not in the Red Division, some are welcoming the perceived lowered difficulty of the soccer season. 

“This change might be good because our team is really senior-heavy,” Sean Choi (12), a varsity soccer player, said. “In the following years, it could have been difficult to find success without seniors.”

“Compared to last year, I see a lot more cohesion, coachability, and focus in our team,” Adam Yannakakis, soccer varsity coach, said. 

This is the first spring season since 2019 completely free of COVID-19 restrictions. For example, the soccer games and practices last year required masks. Now sports, there are no mask mandates both indoors and outdoors.