SIS bands receive all platinum ratings at KAIAC Large Group Festivals


On March 2, SIS hosted the KAIAC Large Group Band Festival where international students were graded from (best) platinum to (worst) merit by the Korea International Music Educators Association. 

In preparation of the festival, both bands worked hard under the guidance of Michael Ganus, the band teacher, with long hours of individual and group practices. 

“Looking back, we did have a bunch of ups and downs, but I think by the end, Mr. Ganus did a really good job in making us a better band,” Elizabeth Kim (11), wind ensemble member, said. “Along the way we had a lot of tests and individual assignments where we had to record ourselves playing the hardest parts of the song. Overall, I have no regrets about our performance.”

By the end of the festival, both wind ensemble and advanced band at SIS received all platinum wins for their performances. 

“I thought we did pretty good for our school being the first to perform and the first thing the judges hear in the morning,” Phillip Ham (12), SIS band member, said. “Mr. Ganus always told us that since we are first, we need to set the bar for the rest of the bands that play next. I think we did really well; We did not have any major issues that the judges pointed out.”