Kim Sae Ron caught up in a series of controversies


Kim Sae Ron

On May 18, 2022, popular South Korean actress Kim Sae Ron was caught in a driving under the influence (DUI) accident. She crashed into an electrical transformer in Seoul’s Cheongdam neighborhood, damaging nearby businesses and causing a temporary electrical outage for approximately 50 places.

“Based on what I had seen, I always thought of Kim Sae Ron as a smart and unproblematic actress,” Andrew Ham (12), frequent K-drama watcher, said. “So to hear of her accident was even more shocking. I think the main problem with this incident is that it took place early in the morning, when everyone was busy getting ready for work. She cost the money and time of many people and businesses in several districts.”

During Kim Sae Ron’s first trial for her DUI accident on March 9, the actress pleaded that she had been suffering from financial difficulties after she was required to compensate for her damages. However, netizens have started criticizing her after local news reports revealed that she hired one of the most expensive attorneys in South Korea.

“I found it difficult to believe Kim Sae Ron’s claims that she was struggling financially,” Minseo Kim (9), former fan of the actress, said. “I used to follow her closely and would frequently see her appear on Korean variety shows where she would reveal her wealthy car and house. Her being able to afford the top lawyers in Korea further proves her dishonesty.”

After the trial, Kim Sae Ron told reporters that she is currently working part-time. Later, she shared three photos on her Instagram, where she can be seen clad in an attire from a Korean franchise cafe Mega Coffee. This image, however, did not fare well with the general public as people assumed that she was simply setting herself up as a part-time worker.

However, the day after the actress posted the photos, a representative from Mega Coffee confirmed to media outlets that Kim Sae Ron never worked as an official part-time employee at any of their branch cafes. The store owner of the location at which Kim Sae Ron made her post revealed that there is a part-time worker who is a friend of the actress but that she herself has never worked there.

Coupled with Kim Sae Ron’s unmatched claims about her financial situation, the truth behind her social media posts sparked further controversy. She is currently facing heavy backlash from Korean netizens, who have begun to dig into her past of underage drinking and partying.