Yoon Sung-bin, aka ‘Iron Man,’ goes viral


Yoon Sung-bin, the 2018 skeleton Olympics gold medalist, has recently been gaining fame. He has had numerous appearances in mainstream media such as Netflix’s “Physical 100” and reached 475k subscribers on his YouTube channel “Ironbin.”

His first Olympics appearance was at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, placing 16th. In the next Olympics, he showed growth and skill winning first. Finally, in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, he placed 12th. 

Yoon first gained media attention as the first Asian to win gold in the skeleton races in the Olympics. He was labeled a hero in Korea, winning the gold medal in his home country.

However, after the Beijing Olympics, he announced a rest period for the 2022-’23 skeleton season. In an interview, Yoon clarified that he has not decided on his future yet. 

“Yoon’s gold medal with the Iron Man mask in the Pyeongchang Olympics left a lasting impression on me,” Ryan Lee (9), a long-time skeleton fan, said. “After this race, I kept up with Yoon’s career both as a skeleton player and other aspects of his life.”

In his break, he made numerous appearances both in mainstream media and internet channels including “Physical 100” and “Save me! Holmes.” He also created his own channel, named “Ironbin Yoon-Seung bin.”

On his channel, he tries various sports besides skeleton such as basketball, baseball, badminton, and other sports. Excelling in each sport he tries from his developed physique, he rapidly gained attention.

“His youtube channel impressed me a lot because he was so talented at all sports,” Jinwook Shin (12), sports enthusiast, said. “Especially his swimming video showed how fast he learned different techniques and fundamentals.”

While his YouTube channel along with other internet appearances increased his popularity, his appearance in “Physical 100” ultimately made him go viral as he reached a wider audience. His performance in the show– winning several rounds with physical dominance–left a memorable impression. 

His appearance in “Save me! Holmes,” a TV program helping celebrities find a new house, focused more on Yoon’s personality and humor rather than physique, bringing more attention.

“Recently, I see him everywhere, on the TV and YouTube,” Rachel Cho (10), avid fan of Yoon, said. “Whenever I watch his videos he always surprises me with his physical ability or humorous personality.”

Yoon has furthered his fame as a gold medalist into stardom by appearing in mainstream shows and on social media. Furthermore, Yoon will be appearing in “Men on a Mission,” a famous Korean show featuring several comedians.