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Heavy rainfall in South Korea could disrupt school activities

Image Source: InsuranceAsia News

Rain is continuing to fall as three typhoons advance near the waters near Japan and China. Due to these typhoons, the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) anticipates nationwide precipitation. 

Even more, heavy rainstorms, winds, and thunderclouds are projected to worsen on Tuesday and end only on Wednesday. Korea’s weather authorities predict 30-80 millimeters of rain in Seoul and areas near the capital. 

The continued rainfall will deter traveling amongst many other activities for South Koreans. “The heavy rainfall really makes not only daily tasks but school activities difficult,” Alex Cho (11), tennis varsity, said. “This season was off to a slow start especially because our tennis team doesn’t have access to indoor courts and couldn’t hold tryouts in the rain.”

Typhoon Haikui, currently, has the greatest impact on South Korea as it heads northwest, passing Guam at a speed of 570km/hr. Furthermore, Typhoon Haikui is headed towards Okinawa, Japan, which is in very close proximity with Jeolla Province, South Korea. 

Also, Japanese weather officials have reported that Typhoon Saola will become more violent on Tuesday. This typhoon originally slowly passed the southeast of the Philippines but began approaching Japan’s Sakishima islands.

While none of the three typhoons-Damely, Saola, and Haiku-are directed towards Korea, these storms are projected to affect many nearby nations and indirectly impact South Korea. Specifically, Typhoon Haikui and Saola are expected to influence local weather. 



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