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‘The Addams Family’ auditions begin


On Aug. 22, auditions were held for the 2023 school musical, “The Addams Family.” Call-backs took place on Aug. 24, and the following day, the cast list was posted. Unlike last year’s production, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” where only acting was involved, this production will include choreographed dancing and songs from the original “The Addams Family,” and will take place at SIS on Nov. 9-11. 

“[The school production] is an opportunity to find out how you work as part of a team and see how playing your role, whether that’s on stage or backstage, contributes to the success of the overall piece,” Iain Cowieson, the drama teacher, said. “All those different sets of skills coming together for one thing—that’s why it’s unique and that’s why it can be a brilliant experience.” 

Many students attended auditions, where they were asked to perform one ensemble piece alongside two other students, and one solo piece which differed based on gender. Though auditions for actors have already passed, opportunities for students to be part of the backstage crew will arise in the following weeks. 

The addition of songs to this production is expected to add an entirely new aspect of emotion and spectacle compared to the play from last school year. 

“The songs are very upbeat so I think that will be fun compared to the play since the play was just dialogue,” Sarah Kim (10), auditionee for the musical, said. “It’s going to be more upbeat and more active.” 

Students can explore their interests in theater, showcase their talents in singing, dancing, and acting, and learn about the various moving parts of theater with the help of actors from all grade levels. 

“Last year I was in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and I really enjoyed it because I think it was really easy to get close to upperclassmen and also people in our grade, which [was] really helpful for me, especially because I was a new student,” Haven Cha (10) said. “It was just so fun being in costumes and, personally for me, getting attention from so [many] people.” 

Students are all encouraged to support their peers on opening night in the auditorium.

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