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SIS students partake in the Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run in America

On Sept. 22, SIS will host its own Terry Fox Run to raise money for cancer research, joining thousands of other schools worldwide that take part in this non-competitive event. All high school clubs are required to participate. 

The Terry Fox Run, founded in 1981, is a worldwide charity event that aims to support cancer research and commemorate cancer activist Terry Fox. 

“It is about thinking about who Terry Fox was and reflecting because a lot of people have been impacted by cancer,” Danica Derksen, Terry Fox Run event organizer, said. “We are in a very privileged condition and lots of times when people are going through cancer, there are economic implications.” 

Due to the Terry Fox Run, Sept. 22 will be a half-day for all students at SIS. This event aims to contribute ₩5 million won to the cause by collecting a voluntary donation of ₩5,000 won from every student. All the donations will be given to a Korean organization, which will be determined after the proceeds are collected, in order to support a local cause. 

Students should give their donations to their first club of the week. Some clubs, including Kaleidoscope, Habitat for Humanity, Seoulite, and Chess Club, will be selling food and drinks throughout the school day. There will also be some other fun incentives for donating money. 

“Principal Macklin is going to be offering up to shave his head, to do the ice bucket challenge, or to paint his face for a day and you will be able to vote for those challenges with some extra money,” Ms. Derksen said. 

Since this event is non-competitive, students are encouraged to run or walk with their friends while honoring Terry Fox. 

“It can help people feel empathy for [cancer patients],” Esther Park (10), cross country runner, said. “I think it is gonna be successful because people love running and the SIS community is very compassionate.” 

This will be the first year that SIS is hosting the Terry Fox Run alongside other Korean schools. This event has the potential to continue over the coming years to preserve the legacy of Terry Fox. 

“It is important because it might encourage other disabled people similar to Terry Fox,” Seungwoo Oh (10), cross country runner, said. “I think this might be a perfect example for them to not give up on things.” 

The Terry Fox Run has since raised over $700 million for cancer research. What began as a small charity run in Canada has become one of the most acknowledged and respected symbols of hope worldwide for cancer patients. The entire SIS community is encouraged to participate on Sept. 22 to spread awareness and raise money for a worthy cause.

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