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Proposing a new function for clubs

Graphic by Subeen Shim

The school offers 48 clubs in various fields such as music, science, history, and community service. However, there are 10 service clubs: UYSC, Red Cross Youth, The Giving Hands, HFH, SAPC, ABC Teachers, KASA, KSFF, WWF, and Community Service Club, and it is necessary to think about a solution for the general club system at SIS due to multiple clubs being part of the same branch called community service. 

Before introducing the issue and the potential solution, I would like to address that I have applied for a club proposal and the idea got rejected. Additionally, I am not in any community service clubs. 

There is definitely a benefit of having separate community service clubs, as it provides diversity in what the school offers in the service field. The 10 clubs independently function as a group with a clear and unique aspect to their own group of people. 

However, there are also aspects that could be improved when those clubs are unified. For example, if service clubs are merged together, it will allow students of service clubs to experience one type to another. Another aspect is that this structure could allow for space for new clubs with new ideas. This structure is also inefficient in a way because these community service clubs all aim to pursue a common goal which is doing community service. However, despite having similar objectives, it seems that their mission and purpose are not communicated with each other or within the club. 

Teachers and students have noticed the continuity of the issue, but there has been no change to the current system yet. While coming up with an idea to unify these community service clubs, I considered student voices that explain why they do not want merging: losing executive positions.  

“Separated service clubs are quite ineffective in a way because I feel that they all try to do service but do not communicate with each other which leads to overlapping ideas and a loss in purpose” Haven Cha (10), HNKR executive, said. 

After listening to the student body and faculty, my proposal for the possible solution will be displayed in the instructions below:

The service club overall will be organized by a group of teachers. Under this one club, there will be different branches of service clubs (the 10 that the school already has). Executive positions will be kept the same as before. However, the executives in the new system are considered leaders for each of the 10 branches. For each time period the branch decides upon along with the teachers, they will allow club members to experience different types of service by giving them the freedom to choose which branch they would want to do for the next time period. 

This function will allow for a structured service club field at SIS. Not only that, but it will provide students with the freedom to choose between various types of community service clubs that the school offers. 

It is with no doubt that having separate community service clubs offered students valuable opportunities and worked toward the school mission. However, having all 10 of these community service clubs separated unintentionally prevents aspects students could bring when they are merged together. Once they are unified, there is a potential that students will be provided with more freedom and opportunities. This way, the uniqueness of different service clubs will be protected, and will be able to communicate their goal with each other effectively and support each other. 

The proposed function will benefit both what the school offers and what the school could bring in an organized structure that will work towards the school and club’s mission. Having many different types of service clubs together will allow for freedom of choice when they choose which service they would like to do for each month or any time period the club decides upon. This system will enable students to make the most out of service activities with a good understanding of the club’s mission.

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