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G20 Summit: will there be an Asian union?


On Sep 19 ~ 20, 2023, the G20 Summit was held in New Delhi. The conference was primarily attended by various Asian nations including South Korea, Japan, Australia,  China (which later pulled out), Indonesia and India. The main purpose of the summit was to promote major economic development and to strengthen political ties between Asia, Europe, and the Arabian Gulf (Saudi Arabia). However, recently controversy was sparked when China, one of five leading global superpowers chose not to participate in the upcoming summit due to supposedly “hostile relations” with the host nation of India, with which it has previously engaged in a series of border disputes. What is important to note is that this is not the sole or even the main driving force behind such blatant refusal to participate.


Many speculate that there is a more deeper underlying motive behind the course of action chosen by China and Russia. The school community, even those not really versed in the realm of politics and global news, share a similar consensus that the actions of these two superpowers came from their disdain over primarily Western, and Asian countries. China, especially seems to have been infuriated about the recent Camp David Summit held by Korea, Japan, and the US, as it sees the attempt at creating a stronger defensive alliance as a challenge to its regional power in the area.  


“I think that China pulling out of the conference is just another one of the CCP’s ways to make an anti-establishment statement on the world stage,” Tyler Castano (11) remarked. “I don’t think there’s any sign of an Asian EU, as regional rivalries are too strong and most of Asia is heavily reliant on the Dollar.” This quote quite accurately reflects the recent developments in Asia. China is becoming more expansionist and the US is striving to try to create an alliance of Asian nations to oppose such a move.


This context is what China seems to be using as a pretext for justification for its expansionist policy as well as its refusal to commit to “Although I don’t know the exact polity reasons behind China and Russia not participating, I think that it’s mostly because they don’t want to work with the Western powers,” said Mr. Vaisman, a teacher working for SIS. “they are trying to make a statement I think that they are just trying to make a point, what that point is however, is unclear.”



However, the actual chances of the G20 summit coming close to something like an Asian version of the E.U. is unlikely, mainly due to the lack of participating parties. “How many Asian members of the G20 are there? Not much. How many Asian members of the G20 are there, only one,” commented Doughyun Kim (11), “Listen they aren’t going to become an Asian E.U because they fundamentally aren’t completely Asian.” Simply put, many don’t see the prospect in such an organization because of the dominance posed by the European nations in the conference. “They are European nations like Germany and France. There are also very much Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia. They aren’t going to be able to join this completely Asiatic E.U. I don’t think it’s going to lead to the formation of an Asian E.U. However, I think it’s more likely that something like ASEAN could arise” Doughyun said.

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