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Keep the torch burning, club executives


School clubs are pivotal platforms for student engagement, skill development, and personal growth. At the heart of these clubs are their executives, whose roles transcend being mere organizers of activities. They are the architects of a club’s vision, the drivers of its initiatives, and the cultivators of a dynamic school community. It is important that we have measures to keep club executives in check. 

Particularly in smaller clubs or clubs that meet bi-weekly, there is a growing trend in the lack of executive participation. A minimal engagement from executives can lead to disorganization, unclear goals, and a lack of direction, resulting in diminished member engagement. 

Club executives must understand the importance of their roles. They are the select few to lead a group of people. They need to realize that merely holding the label as a leader does not make them one. We need a system of checks and balances to put pressure on club executives to continue leading the club with responsibility. Often, students chase the title as an end in itself, and once they receive such a title, they no longer contribute with the same energy and enthusiasm. 

To counter this, we need more involvement by advisors to keep these club executives in check. Advisors can reinforce the seriousness of clubs and can also provide proper incentive for club executives to take action. Advisors and student leaders could also implement regular training sessions for club executives, focusing on leadership skills, time management, and strategic planning. Additionally, creating a support system where new executives are mentored by experienced executives can ensure a smoother transition and sustained motivation. 

It is imperative that club executives take the initiative in their roles. They should actively seek opportunities to improve the club’s activities and engage its members. This requires a supportive environment from advisors, where clear expectations are set, and resources are provided. Recognizing and rewarding the efforts of club executives can further motivate them. 

By fostering this proactive and supported leadership, schools can ensure that club executives are not just fulfilling their roles but excelling in them, enhancing the club experience for all members and contributing positively to the educational landscape.

In some school clubs, a contrasting issue arises where club executives take on the majority of responsibilities, leading to a scenario where other club members are left with little to no active involvement. Members may begin to feel that their contributions are either undervalued or entirely unnecessary, leading to a passive membership. This dynamic is detrimental as it not only stifles the development of a collaborative spirit within the club but also limits the opportunities for members to develop and showcase their own skills, or to take on leadership roles.

It is important for club executives to recognize the value of consciously delegating tasks and actively encouraging participation from all members. This can be achieved by providing structured opportunities that allow members to take the lead on certain projects or to be part of various committees. Such initiatives foster a more inclusive club environment where every member feels empowered and valued. 

Creating a smoother transition between executives will allow the executives to focus on trying new ideas while reaping the benefits of the previous executive’s foundation of the club. Also, selection of executives should take into consideration the individual’s personal passion for the club. A leader should not need outside incentives to place a chip on their shoulder to run their club.

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Eric Hyunseung Cho, Copy Editor
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