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Coding Club hosts coding fair

Chong Min (11) explains his project to curious onlookers

Coding Club showcased their semester projects to students in the atrium on Dec. 6. Members interacted with curious onlookers to explain the function of their projects.

The club presented three projects: a website featuring multiple games, a natural language processing math problem solver, and a door detector that switches tabs when an unexpected guest comes into your room.

The purpose of the club fair was to not only exhibit the development of the members’ coding and design skills, but also to spread awareness concerning the applicability and prospects of coding to students. In that light, the club fair projects are examples of how software and hardware comes together to help people’s lives.

“Our group’s idea of the door detector detecting unexpected guests stemmed from our personal experiences, so we wanted to tackle this problem with the project,” Chong Min (11), developer of the door detector project, said. “Even though the project required significant time commitment outside club time, since the project was not abstract but connected with our lives, working on it was enjoyable.”

To prepare for the club fair, Coding Club members came up with a project at the start of the semester, and dedicated club time to flesh out a prototype that functions, while presenting their projects and the application of coding to middle school students, culminating in a final project.

“We encountered a lot of roadblocks preparing for the coding fair,” Ian Park (12), President of Coding Club, said. “Although the project ideas sound simple, implementing them as a coding project was surprisingly complex, so the groups had to sacrifice detail in order to finish the projects in time. However, I am satisfied that all our groups had created something presentable for the coding fair.”

Coding Club plans on hosting the CS50x Puzzle Day late second semester and discussions for high school students to further deepen their understanding of coding in the future.

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