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‘Pyramid Game’: sparks controversy


“Pyramid Game” was introduced on Netflix on Feb. 29, gaining great popularity with famous figures such as Jang Won-young’s older sister, Jang Da-a, a rising actress.

As its origin as a webtoon, “Pyramid Game” was already familiar to the public. The drama takes place in Baekyeon Girl’s high school where a popularity poll initiates bullying with cruelty and violence. The game is constructed as the following: the ranking is from level A to F, and if someone is ranked F, they become the target of the school. 

Due to the K-drama’s heavy focus on bullying, “Pyramid Game” contains controversial and disturbing scenes of severe violence and inappropriate actions that were used to continue the bullying for the plot. This not only brought up the intensity of the story, but also led the public to leave comments that criticized the unintended consequences of the program. 

“The show definitely gained a lot of attention because of the unexpected turn of events,” Dyne Kim (10), K-drama fanatic, said. “I think that the storyline is eye-catching, but many of the scenes are shocking and I would say that students should refrain from watching the show as it may be possible that the scenes will spark new ideas of bullying.”

Despite the controversy and concerns regarding the series, many rather comment that the realistic aspect of possible school life is well shown throughout the episodes. Moreover, many praise “Pyramid Game” for its exciting storyline.

“The show was written very well and the actors were very similar to the webtoon characters,” Yeseo Lee (9), K-drama critic, said. “The show’s plot line is similar to ‘Squid Game’ in the sense that they both revolve around its main character who initially tries to assimilate and survive in the system out of selfishness. I hope that this show can receive the same recognition ‘Squid Game’ got.”

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