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Hwang Dae-Heon gets caught in a “team kill” controversy

Source: Yonhap News

This speed skating season has been highly controversial with Hwang Dae-Heon and Park Ji-Won clashing numerous times. In the last few months alone, Hwang Dae-Heon clashed with Park Ji-Won in three games, facing penalties and, even worse, elimination. This repetition of collision sparked anger among viewers and sports enthusiasts, calling Hwang’s actions purposeful. 

In the ISU (International Skating Union) World Cup held last October 2023, Hwang received a yellow card for pushing Park during the 1,000m race. In the ISU Cup held last month, another collision happened in the 1,500m final, resulting in a penalty for Hwang. The very next day, in the 1,000m final, Hwang pushed Park while attempting to secure first place. Unfortunately, Park lost his balance and failed to complete the race. 

When Park returned from the competition, he was seen with a cast on his neck. This worried viewers and the Korean Skating Union investigated the controversy. The federation later stated that there was no clear evidence of Hwang intentionally injuring Park.

In the skating competition held in Mokdong Ice Rink on April 11, Hwang was eliminated from the 500m race.

“I think Hwang Dae-Heon was too anxious about qualifying for the national team,” Yoonwoo Lee (10), a speed skate enthusiast, said. “In my perspective, Hwang is worse than Park, and the fact that Hwang fouled on his same Korean teammate is disappointing.”

This continuous collision caused by Hwang angered viewers. Park stated that Hwang has not apologized to him directly yet.

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