Paul Roberts, history teacher

An educator inspired by his father, history teacher Paul Roberts began his teaching career 24 years ago in order to give back to his community. Mr. Roberts decided to share his passion for history with his students and eventually found pleasure in watching his students form new connections with the information they learned. To fulfill his desire of having a more diversified cultural experience, Mr. Roberts came to Korea and has already been thoroughly impressed by his students, who have taught him a great deal about Korean culture in his first week here.

After arriving in July, Mr. Roberts has also taken advantage of the different types of cultural opportunities the country has to offer. Eating Asian cuisine, cheering at baseball matches and learning short Korean phrases from locals are just a few ways Mr. Roberts has been trying to achieve his wishes. Mr. Roberts also hopes to visit Korea’s cultural sites in the foreseeable future.

“I hope to participate in Korea’s history by observing the divide between the North and the South, one of the last remnants of the Cold War,” Mr. Roberts said. “I am curious about the future of this separation and am excited to understand Korea’s history from up-close.”