Play-by-Play: Tigers defeated in close match against GSIS

The varsity boys volleyball team had its first game of the season at GSIS on Aug. 27. The team initially had difficulties because only two members from last year’s starting line up, Matthew Nam (12) and Togo Tamura (12), returned, but resolved these issues through practices.

Set 1

In the first few minutes of the game, the Knights secured a lead of 0-5 with their serves. After a brief timeout, the Tigers caught up with a streak of spikes, resulting in a score of 8-5. With Matthew Nam (12)’s consecutive spikes, the boys were able to catch up with a score of 17-18. The Tigers, however, were unable to overcome their previous mistakes and ended up losing 21-25.

Set 2

Both teams started the second set on a strong note, with both the Tigers and Knights scoring successive points to reach a 4-4 tie. Though Joon Lee (12)’s swift spikes allowed the team to achieve a lead of 11-7, the Knights soon lessened the score gap to 11-11. However, with Julian Kim (11) and Matthew’s consistent cooperation, the boys were able to deflect the opponent’s spikes. With their strong teamwork and positive attitude, the  Tigers were able to win 25-22.

Set 3

As both teams attempted to outmaneuver one another, the competition remained fierce. For the majority of the set, the Tigers and the Knights continuously alternated in taking the lead. However, due to repeated net touch violations, the Tigers eventually fell behind. The Knights took advantage of these mistakes, resulting in the Tigers’ loss of 22-25.

Set 4

Throughout the first half, Jake Kim (11)’s well-executed spikes and David Nam (12)’s consistent blocks allowed the Tigers to secure a lead of 22-18. The Tigers’ later blunders, however, let the Knights win 25-23.

Set 5

Continously relaying the ball, both teams attempted to break the tie. However, within the first few minutes of the set, the Knights pulled ahead with their well-aimed spikes. Able to maintain their performance, the Knights won the set 8-15.