SIS delegates to attend THIMUN Hague again

After two years, SIS has decided to re-apply to The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) conference held in the Hague, removing Harvard MUN (HMUN) from the school’s international trips. Following a formal acceptance to the conference, the MUN team is now expecting further results regarding delegation size and country assignments to arrive by the end of the month.

“The school chose to pull SIS out of THIMUN The Hague in 2012 because some students and teachers were absent for up to two full weeks,” said Ivan Atanaskovic, Athletics and Activities Coordinator. “When they returned, most could not manage workloads from the two-week absence, and it was difficult to ensure that non-participants did not miss too much information while their teachers were gone.”

According to Courtney Caldwell, MUN adviser, THIMUN The Hague is a better investment of  time and effort for the entire club because it not only holds an extremely prestigious reputation, but it also follows the same format that SIS students are familiar with, unlike HMUN. While THIMUN Singapore was also a viable option, previous participants mentioned that it could not offer the same diversity as THIMUN The Hague.

“I think that going to THIMUN The Hague would be a great opportunity for students, even more so than going to HMUN, because our students will be collaborating with some of the best debaters in a top-notch conference,” Ms. Caldwell said. “We are honored to attend this conference again, especially because it is difficult to re-enter once a school has left.”

Students who have attended THIMUN The Hague before, such as Albert Kim (12), MUN Vice-President, have also expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming conference, and believe that this will be a chance for participants to show that the conference is worthwhile.

“Especially because THIMUN The Hague is very close to Seoul Model United Nations (SEOMUN) XVII, which SIS is hosting this year, all the delegates that go will be extremely prepared,” Albert said. “With enough effort, we can make sure that the school will continue to support this conference.”