September: PE Commentary

This column is a short commentary on current sports events around the world. The commentators, Eva Hong and Patricia Song, express their opinions on these events and conduct interviews with relevant figures. This particular episode is about Ray Rice, who has been indefinitely suspended by the NFL for domestic violence.

Eva: Welcome to another episode of PE Sports Commentary!

Patricia: In this particular episode, we would like to welcome Raymell Mourice Rice, commonly known as “Ray” Rice, a professional American football running back who played for the Baltimore Ravens.

Eva: Some of you may  have seen him on the news or in online videos, dragging his unconscious ex-fiancé, Jamay Rice, out of an elevator. Well, this famous football player will now join us! Welcome to the show, Mr. Ray Rice!

Rice: Thanks for having me!

Patricia: Many avid sports fans know that you have been involved in a trial because of the abuse scandal. Can you clarify for people who are confused about what happened in the elevator of Revel Casino in Atlantic City?

Rice: It was a misunderstanding…Couples have their ups and downs. Jamay was really understanding afterward and we got the problem solved, but the situation had already gotten so big.

Eva: Several people who have watched the surveillance video of you attacking Jamay suspect that you spit on her after dragging her out of the elevator. Are you willing to comment on this?

Rice: Once again, the whole situation was a misunderstanding and I sincerely want to apologize to everyone who was affected.

Patricia: Many people were outraged when they found out that you had initially only received a two-game suspension from the incident. Why did you not tell your teammates and the league the truth about what happened between you and your fiancé?

Rice: I thought that it was a private matter, you know, and did not realize that the situation would get any larger than just a small dispute.

Eva: Many victims of domestic violence are strongly against you and your wife’s stance on this situation. Why did you have your wife, Palmer, also apologize for the situation despite your responsibility as the sole initiator of domestic violence?

Rice: Well, the situation was a two-way dispute so we both had faults in starting the conflict. We agreed that it would be better for of us, you know, if we both apologized publicly.

Patricia: We will keep ourselves up to date with your trials that are to come and keep our faith in the judicial system. Thank you for joining us today, Rice! Well, that’s all the time we have for this interview today, folks. Stay tuned for the next episode of PE Sports Commentary!

Disclaimer: Although this column is based on facts, the interviews are entirely fictional.