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Lotte World Mall, Tower to re-establish Korean records

With 965 brands, 650 marine species and 5000 different pipe organs, the Lotte World Tower and Mall, also known as the second Lotte World, are to have the biggest mall, aquarium and concert hall in Korea.

In November 2010, Lotte Corporation received government approval to start the construction of a tower and a mall in Jamsil. The tower, which started construction in March 2011 after undergoing 13 years of preparation, is to be completed in 2016. With 123 stories, the tower is to include various retail stores, offices, residential rooms, a hotel and an observation deck. Once construction is completed, the tower will hold the title as Korea’s tallest building.

The Lotte World Mall, the second part to this project that was opened to the public on Oct. 13, consists of three smaller buildings that surround the tower. The Mall also serves as a retail and entertainment complex with 965 retail brands, 50 of which were introduced to the Korean fashion industry for the first time. The Lotte Cinema, the largest theater in Asia, a Lotte duty-free mall with 420 brands, the Lotte Aquarium and the Lotte Concert Hall, the first hall in Korea with various pipe organs, were also opened.

“I think the [construction of the Mall] is a big turning point for Korea as a whole country,” Kevin Kwak (11) said. “For Example, Hard Rock Cafe that is known to open at only one location in one city, is in the [Lotte World Mall]. Also the fact that the Lotte Cinema was mentioned in the Guinness world records is a huge accomplishment for a developing country like Korea.”

The mall is especially attracting foreigners due to the international stores and services that are present.

“[The Lotte World Mall] is one of the most western malls in Korea,” Mr. Ganus said. “[It’s location] is so close, the mall is so western and feels like home. There are many recognizable restaurants and [other services] that we would see in the states. The food at On The Border at this mall tastes exactly the same as the one back in Texas. All these things are in one spot, which is very [convenient].”

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