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Red Cross Youth hosts first-ever ongoing auction on Facebook

Striving to organize a more creative, interactive fundraiser and steer away from typical methods of earning money, Red Cross Youth (RCY) plans to introduce auctions using Facebook. The auctions mark the first time that an event is going to be organized and arranged completely through the use of social media.

According to Kathleen Joo (12), RCY vice-president, the auctions were designed to distinguish RCY from other clubs. On the Facebook page that the club created for the event, RCY will be uploading photos of previously possessed items, both used and unused, that had been donated by members of the club. The items on sale range from t-shirts and books to makeup sets and shoes.

“The event is new, so I think this may help attract more attention to our club and its purpose,” Kathleen said “This is definitely exciting since RCY has always done pretty similar things for the past couple of years, and largely focused on community service through visiting orphanages and hospitals. Having a more in-school focused event is something I’m glad to be a part of before I leave SIS.”

The profits made from this fundraiser will be used to help the Hope House orphanage. Meanwhile, any item that is unsold after two months will be taken offline and donated to Goodwill, a store where disabled workers sell donated items at cheaper prices.

According to Lukas Kim (11), RCY treasurer, while the profits made will contribute to a good cause, executive members anticipate that the club will face complications or difficulties if the student body does not participate actively. In addition, he worries that because it is RCY’s first year hosting such an event, there will be a lack of organization.

“There probably are going to be some students who simply bid ridiculous prices, or bid for their friends as a joke,” Lukas said. “It’s inevitable that there will be some aspects that RCY is not going to be able to control because it’s happening online. Nonetheless, the auction is an original event for a good cause, so I think it will go well.”

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