Second annual GIN Carnival shows improvement


Seizing Halloween as an opportunity to provide entertainment for the student body, Global Issues Network (GIN) hosted its second annual Halloween Carnival on Oct. 31. Although the Community Service Club did not participate this year due to prior commitments, GIN’s middle and high school divisions and the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) cooperated to host the second annual carnival.

According to Eugenie Lee (11), GIN Public Relations officer, GIN focused on fixing problems such as the 20-minute-long wait for the haunted house and the relative lack of interest in the booths. Because the club created two haunted houses and improved the efficiency of the line-up system, the wait was shorter than last year’s.

“We had a lot of mistakes with organization, attitudes and lack of spirit last year,” said Julie Choi (10), GIN member. “It’s hard to pinpoint one exact incident, but overall, we were all over the place. We definitely worked on an even bigger project this year in the sense that we had a vision for what we wanted [the carnival] to look like, since we know what needed to be improved.”

In order to maximize efficiency, GIN members were sorted into different groups, with one executive member leading each. These different sections worked both on the haunted house and on specific booths in the carnival, such as the Chicken Blood Challenge, the Donut Competition and the Spooky Ring Challenge.

“Last year there were only three executives, so there was much burden on each of their shoulders,” said Togo Tamura (12), GIN president. “This year, there was actually an organized system. Each of the four executives actively helped lead and organize [the carnival], and I was in charge of making sure everything came together.”

NAHS and GIN both worked on enhancing carnival decorations. NAHS helped decorate and advertise by making pumpkin ornaments and designing posters. Though GIN was the main host of the event, the collaboration between NAHS and GIN ultimately aided in this year’s Halloween Carnival.

“A lot of my friends and classmates generally really enjoyed the carnival,” said Karen Joo (9), a student who attended the carnival. “The lighting and decorations helped me get in the mood of Halloween. Although everything was a little bit overpriced, though, with a slice of pizza at 3,000 won, I heard that all the profits earned will go to the upcoming Environmental Campaign and other attempts at improving our school.”