Indifference toward extracurricular, sports events demonstrates lack of social awareness


Club activities and fundraisers are usually initiated with a hope that the event will raise awareness and tangible support for specific causes. Unfortunately, this is not achieved at SIS, as demonstrated by the empty bleachers at home games and clothes drive boxes used as trash cans. This lack of student enthusiasm is problematic because it not only hinders efforts to draw attention to important events and issues, but also reflects students’ general indifference.

The correlation between student participation in events and opportunity for personal gain highlights this disinterest. Students display enthusiasm for pizza sales or bake sales, as shown by the immense amount of profit that clubs make from these food sales, but are less interested in events that require more initiative, such as the toy drive, clothes drives or Ebola donations.

The main issue with this dearth of student participation comes from the greater question it poses regarding the awareness of students at SIS. What makes this attitude dangerous is that, as educated individuals in a privileged environment and the very constituents of the future generation, students have the responsibility to at least attempt to give back to the community around them. The seemingly minor decision to participate in such activities and fundraisers ultimately allows students to learn about such causes, and contribute altruistically to society.

Granted, clubs’ lack of promotion of events and ineffective communication can be at fault for the student body’s indifference. Exposing the student community to these events through constant reminders relevant to the particular activity will possibly change the student perspective on such organized events. Club executives and regular members should try to creatively and frequently advertise their events through every medium possible, in order to generate a more active response from students.

The fact remains that multiple improvements would be made in the school environment if the student body tried to adjust its attitude toward various club-organized activities. Even the slightest increase in enthusiasm for previously unpopular events would make a difference in school spirit and ultimately lead to greater individual awareness of social issues that deserve more attention.

Cartoon by Yeaji Park