Tri-M to celebrate new year with first concert in auditorium

New year, new beginnings. Tri-M Music Honor Society will be hosting its first concert of the second semester next January, featuring acts that center around the theme of “New Beginnings.” Unlike its monthly Just 4 You concerts held during activity period in the atrium, this event will take place after school in the auditorium. The concert will be larger than any of its previous concerts, presenting many more acts and musicians.

“Because it is Tri-M’s first time hosting such a large concert, there may be a few blunders along the way,” said Yasmin Yoon, Tri-M co-president. “Nonetheless, it is important that Tri-M hosts this particular concert because for the first time, our concert will be dedicated to just our Tri-M members, their passion and their freedom to experiment with music. As opposed to previous Just 4 You concerts, which were in the atrium and more of a casual hang-out location for the students during activity period, this concert will be in the auditorium, creating a more formal and professional atmosphere, so that the audience can pay more attention to our musicians.”

In order to perfect the musicians’ performances, Tri-M will devote more preparation, organization and time to prepare for this concert.

“Efficient communication will be a must, as we will have to organize rehearsal sessions with our many musicians as well as set up the lighting and sound system with Backstage Club,” said Debora Kim (11), Tri-M President-Elect. “Because we will have more musicians and acts, rehearsals will be longer and will take place more often.”

Tri-M decided to host a large-scale concert in January because it was unable to host a Christmas concert before winter break due to time constraints. It had initially planned to host its first concert after the Performing Art Department’s Winter Concert on Dec. 4 but decided to postpone it to January because there was not enough rehearsal time.

“Because many of the instruments and equipment we needed were in the auditorium for the Winter Concert, we could not rehearse properly in the band room,” said Alice Rhim (11), Tri-M member and concert participant. “We decided to postpone the concert to January in order to deliver perfected and flawless performances. Because we have high expectations for ourselves and our audience holds high expectations for Tri-M, we want to work extra hard to perform acts that are satisfactory and on par with our previous Just 4 You concerts.”