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HSSC hosts Snowball 2015: Hollywood Night

Graphic by Yeaji Park (11)

On Jan. 17, the HSSC hosted Hollywood Night: the second Snowball held in Tiger Gym 2. Unlike previous years, Snowball was postponed to take place after the winter break to involve more teacher chaperones, who helped execute the movie-trailer awards: the first audience-contributed event in Snowball. The night was filled with surprises and guests including student DJ John Kim (11), professional B-Boy dancers, guest dancers dressed in Disney costumes and a small goodie bag for every attendee.

“Snowball was really fun and it went a lot better than I expected,” said Judy Kim (12), senior council secretary. “Less than ten seniors went to the dance, so I thought I would feel really awkward, but I had a lot of fun. I am glad that my last Snowball during my high school was memorable, since it was the best out of the three that I have been to.”

After the first session of the night with John mixing his music, the HSSC premiered eight student-submitted movie trailer entries, including The Victor from Hell, The Number Games and more. They announced award winners such as Diana Lee (9) and Victor Kang (9) as Best Couple and Alice Rhim (11) as Best Director. Raffle and award winners were given gifts, which included perfumes, CGV Movie Tickets and Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

“Even though we created the movie trailer for fun, in retrospect, we tried really hard as a team to entertain the audience watching the trailer,” Alice said. “I was not expecting to win any awards, but when I did, I was proud of my team and myself. Through this experience, I know we were able to make memories even before Snowball started.”

[NEWS]-Hollywood Night Graphic-Draft5

At the end of the event, the HSSC members, with the help of their mothers, handed out small chocolate-filled goodie bags. Major moments were caught on camera by a professional photographer, whose photos are currently available on the “Snowball 2015: Hollywood Night” Facebook page.

“I know that many people thought that Snowball could not possibly be fun, since it was hosted in school, but the HSSC did really well to prove them wrong,” said Sarah Park (11), Snowball attendee. “The fresh take on the movie trailer competition and student involvement in voting really caught my attention. This year’s Snowball changed my perspective of the HSSC’s abilities to host a party, and also showed me how fun a party on campus could actually be. I am already looking forward to next year’s Snowball.”

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