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Stuff People Say About Cheating

  1. Naive teachers: I know you guys all have the same test, but I trust you won’t talk about the test to the other classes!
    It warms my heart to know that we still have teachers who have so much faith in us. Poor, innocent things! Well, at least they’re not cynics who assume that we all cheat because we’re Korean. I’ve had enough of those.
  2. Student to other student: Why aren’t you telling me what came out on the test?
    Why didn’t you just study? People like you are always boasting about how you outsmarted your teachers. Why the sudden self-doubt? Surely you’re clever enough to try taking a test without relying on everyone else!
  3. A-day students: It’s so unfair! The B-day students already know all the answers.
    What intelligence, A-day students. I wonder why?
  4. Teachers: You guys have a serious problem with cheating at this school.
    I couldn’t agree more, but maybe if you made different test questions for every class, cheating wouldn’t be so easy. Don’t sweat it though! The revolutionary SIS Honor Code will fix everything.
  5. Teacher during test: Yes, you may go to the bathroom.
    A student who is spending more than ten minutes in a bathroom during a test probably isn’t urinating: he’s probably cheating. Or maybe he really is constipated. Who knows? With no bathroom monitors, dark deeds go unaddressed.

Disclaimer: All comments are in good fun. Please don’t hate. Appreciate the humor.

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