January: News Briefs


Photo by Hollis Hwang (12)

Ladies Choir learns music theory through new project

To better understand music theory, Ladies Choir started a group project that incorporates what students have learned about music theory in their Monday after school lessons. The group performance will take place during the class before spring break.
“It is great to work with other students as a team to create harmony with the songs that we have hand-picked,” said Renee Lee (12), Ladies Choir member. “My group chose ‘Love is an Open Door’ and I am really excited about it, even if it is a very difficult song.”

Green club volunteers to pick up trash in community

Every month, four to five Green Club members stay after-school to pick up trash around the Bokjeong community. Green Club started these trash pick-up sessions since last October in hopes of keeping the community clean and spreading awareness about environmental waste to local residents.
“Most of the time, we collect around three or four trash bags worth of waste,” said Yanis Park (11), Green Club co-president. “I think it was a great idea to start trash pick-ups because we can set an example for other SIS students and Bokjeong citizens to stop littering and help clean Bokjeong. It is all about becoming self-conscious about the things we have neglected.”

Debate team prepares for international competition

Jiwhan Moon (10), Nicholas Kim (9) and Lauren Ahn (11) were admitted into the National Debate Team with two other students from Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. They will be competing as a team in the World Schools Debate Championship competition that will be held in Singapore from July 27 to Aug. 6.
“Our team’s goal is to reach the Quarter Finals, which is a higher placing than what we achieved last year,” Lauren said. “In order to achieve this goal, our team members need to get to know each other better in order to enhance our teamwork during the competition.”