Thomas Song is a sophomore and a reporter for Tiger Times. He has great aspirations to make meaningful contributions to the school newspaper. During his free time, he enjoys to play sports, binge-watch TV shows, and eat snacks.

Athletes compete in badminton invitational tournament at KIS Jeju

By Thomas Song - April 24, 2019

Brexit crisis remains unresolved

By Thomas Song - April 5, 2019

Seungri releases public apology

By Thomas Song - February 28, 2019

Varsity girls basketball team dominates for the first time at AISA

By Thomas Song - February 15, 2019

Annual Sooneung brings stresses and benefits

By Thomas Song - December 4, 2018

KAIAC finalizes fall season sports

By Thomas Song - November 21, 2018

Basketball teams start open gym

By Thomas Song - October 18, 2018

Global efforts to revoke plastic pollution

By Thomas Song - September 12, 2018


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