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Soo Min’s Search for Stars!


Welcome back to another semester! The weather outside is still unbelievably cold — not to mention, gloomy — and waking up at seemingly ungodly hours is more difficult than ever before. But do not fret! I’ve brought with me two songs that will surely lift your mood for this month.

First up is a collaboration between Imagine Dragons and Khalid, Thunder / Young Dumb & Broke (Medley).

Thunder / Young Dumb & Broke (Medley) – Imagine Dragons, Khalid

The song opens up with the familiar tune of Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid, his husky and melodic voice joining in soon after. Immediately after the first verse, the song transitions into the beginning of Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Though the voices of Khalid and Dan Reynolds, the main vocal of Imagine Dragons, are not at all similar, the shift between the two songs is neither abrupt nor curt. Both sing about their once-in-a-lifetime youth, how they “wanna let loose…[and] wanna leave my old life behind.” Their voices blend in perfectly together, especially in the chorus. Though the chorus is the same as the original version of Thunder, what makes it so unique is the flawless harmony of the two singers, producing a memorable, upbeat tune. If you are looking for something new, this song is perfect for you!

Next is Last to Leave, a song by Louis the Child and Caroline Ailin.

Last to Leave – Louis the Child, Caroline Ailin

A colorful tune by Louis the Child starts off the song with Caroline Ailin’s sweet yet powerful voice that joins a few bars in. She reminisces about her relationship with a loved one, how she’s “really good at starting but [doesn’t] know when it has to end”, resulting in a situation in which her boyfriend left her. Not only is she upset about her boyfriend leaving her, she also seems to be disappointed by the fact that “when it’s clear to everybody / [she’s] always the last to know.” The rather cheerful beat drop, which may seem a little unfitting given the situation, actually works well in their favor as it seems to indicate optimism for the future. The positivity behind the lyrics will leave you feeling hopeful for this semester.

Best of luck this semester, Tigers!

  • Soo Min
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