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New School Café Opens


For too long, students have been craving a drink other than canned orange juice. For too long students have been craving a snack better than the strongly spiced beef pretzels from the school store. With the changes that the new catering service at SIS is presenting, break time at SIS is getting a admirable upgrade.

Situated immediately next to the cafeteria in place of the old teachers’ cafeteria, the new school café is not only approachable but also well designed. The overall theme of orange is in line with the school colors and provides a bright atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing. Although the café is not big enough to carry the mass flood of students during office hours or activity period, there are several tables to ensure a rightful break for early birds.

Before the opening of the new school café, the only drinks readily available to students were canned drinks from the school store or the third-floor vending machine and on special days, a small selection from the Cartnivore. Variety and quality were a luxury. But then came the game-changing menu of the new school café. Not only does it serve non-canned drinks, but it also serves handmade drinks one can find in an actual local café such as green tea lattes and bubble tea – a variety that anyone at SIS could not even dream of in the past. Such an extensive menu initially stunned the students with its existence and again amazed the students with its quality.


With its optimal location and dream-like menu, the café has further pleased the students with its kind customer service. Despite the utter chaos that fills the café every break time, its workers never lose their smiles and agility. A hasty order for coffee by an irritated student that pulled two all-nighters in a row is greeted with a quick preparation and delivery in a mere twenty seconds. A picky order by a fastidious student would be returned with a perfectly satisfactory sandwich that leaves no room for the skeptical student’s complaints.

While innumerous praises are typically handed to the quality of the school café, a cynical eye is turned on the efficiency of the system. Due to constant rush of students and teachers at the café, the noise level is unaccountably high. The café staff are then given the job to scream over the commotion for the people to claim their menu. Even if you got through your order quickly, claiming your drink becomes another issue. By the end of break time, there would be a stack of drinks and sandwiches that are left unclaimed because the owners could not hear their orders being called upon. These orders would make their way to the owners as the café staff makes the final desperate calls before the end of break.

The new school café was evidently not the first outlet for snacks in SIS. The school store, the High School Student Council’s Cartnivore, and individual club sales were dominant snack café staff in the past. However, the opening of the new café drew the attention of everyone regardless of his or her position in the school. Students, teachers, faculty members, and even the chefs of the catering combined immediately became an avid fan of the café. Inevitably, the sales for other snack outlets were greatly reduced as a result of capitalism. However, this new addition to the snack time competition is expected to generate a helpful competition that allows students to have access to better food as time goes on.

Students and teachers finally have a relaxing outlet for their stressful school days. The school café’s self-proclaimed best drinks, Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Milk Tea, are already beginning their wonders, restoring energy into the school community one drink at a time.

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