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Spring: Blossoming with popularity


When the weather gets warmer, the birds start chirping, the sun is out longer, and most of all, everyone is happy and lively, it is a sign that spring has come. Finally, people can go outside and not have to shiver or wear long black jackets in hopes that the cold will not bite them. In the springtime, new activities open up and it is time we take a closer look into some of them.

Yeouido Cherry Blossom
Yeouido Park is mainly famous for its annual cherry blossom festival. The warm weather and the beautiful cherry blossoms make the perfect combination for a stroll down Yeouido Park. Cherry blossom trees are on both sides of the street as their flowers slowly fall to the ground, making it seem as if it is snowing. Not only do the cherry blossoms create a picturesque scenery, it is also great for taking pictures and peacefully walking down the street with your significant other.

“After going last year, I definitely am going this year again,” said Angela Kim (11). “I think it is a good transition from the cold winter to not have to wear thick clothing and see the flowers bloom. I could not take a lot of pictures last year, so I am planning to go this year again!”

Hangang Picnic
Warm weather indicates the perfect time to go on a picnic at Hangang Park. The best part about Hangang Park is that people are able to order various kinds of food, go biking, or even buy kites to fly. Hangang Park is so wide it even allows you to run around with your dog or get some fresh air. Most people set up a tent and mat on the grass to lie down, rest, and look at the blue sky.

“I love Hangang.” Said Jaeho Hwang (10). “It is such a good place to relax and talk with your friends. The best thing I love about Hangang is that we can order food without having to move from our seats. There are also so many things to do: flying kites, biking, playing basketball, or playing with your dog. Hangang is the place I go all the time with my friends once spring starts.”

Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market’s food is outstanding. With a myriad of stands just for food, tourists and locals alike go around tasting the food ranging from traditional Korean dishes to deep-fried. After finishing their food, people walk around and go shopping while digesting their food before they return to the market for a second serving. The hanging lights and the bright moon create the perfect atmosphere to walk, talk, and eat with your friends.

“I am all about the small market shopping,” said Youngwoo Kim (11). “Especially since it is outside, I love it even more. When I lived in America, I loved going to flea markets and finding unique things; I can finally do this in Korea. I can go everyday and manage to find something I have not seen the day before to get something no one else has.”

In all, spring finally allows people to step out of their houses and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Whether it is street shopping, going on a picnic, or taking a quiet walk under the falling cherry blossoms, spring is here, and it has opened up many activities for you.

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