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Taking a look at trending games at SIS


Enjoy drawing, guessing, and playing with other players? If so, is perfect for you! In this Pictionary-inspired online game, players take turns drawing out words and guessing the terms illustrated by other participants. The “artist” is given three words to choose from. After selecting one term, the drawer has to produce a sketch of the word within a time limit. It is best to utilize the different tools and colors provided. The other players have to type the word that they think the sketch describes in the chat window. If the participants guess correctly, they will earn points depending on how fast they were able to guess the answer. The first person to guess the correct word will receive the most points. Also, allows players to create games with their friends. They can make a private room in the main menu and share the link. Since finishing all the rounds takes a long time, is not the best choice for those who want to engage in quick games.

  1. Kkutu Kkeunmaritgi

Want to try an English version of Kkeunmaritgi, a Korean letter game? Kkutu Kkeunmaritgi is a fast-paced online game that is similar to Scrabble. In a limited amount of time, the starting player is given an alphabet, and he or she has to type in a word that begins with the given letter. The next player has to write a word that starts with the last letter of the term that the previous participant wrote. The longer the word the player types, the more points they get. Thus, those who have a wide range of vocabulary have an advantage over others. As the game progresses, the time given to write a word reduces rapidly, resulting in players not being able to finish typing. If they fail to produce an answer, their points are deducted, and the game continues with a renewed time limit. The one with the most points by the end of the game is the winner. Open to people of all ages, this thrilling and intellectual recreation allows players to create their own games.


In this simple yet addicting, worm-based online game, players attempt to lengthen their worms by preying on opponent worms and the colorful orbs that dot the screen. By using their touchpads, players can direct their worms to gobble up their enemies by encircling them and the orbs by merely passing over them. With every intake of “food,” the players’ worms will get increasingly longer. However, a headfirst collision with a bigger worm will kill the players’ worms, so it is very important to wait and grow in length before attacking stronger opponents. Also, there are a variety of boost icons to help the players: length, range, toxin, and magnet. There is no time limit, so people can engage in this recreation for however long they prefer.

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