HFH fashion show takes on “Futuristic” theme


On April 11, HFH partnered with NAHS to launch its annual fashion show. Both students and teachers had high hopes, and the show came to an end successfully. With a full audience, models dressed in beautifully designed clothes, and significant profits garnered from the auction, HFH members claimed that it was the club’s most memorable and enjoyable fashion show.

“We decided on ‘Futuristic’ by collaborating with NAHS members and Ms. Mitchell,” said Stephanie Koo (12), HFH Arts Coordinator. “All the NAHS members were asked to send in three fashion show theme ideas, and in the end, ‘Futuristic’ was chosen. Designers were encouraged to create sleek, unusual, and high-tech looking outfits. We thought it would be a nice contrast to last year’s theme, which was ‘Vintage.’”

Keeping with this year’s “futuristic” theme, the designers added unique features to their outfits to create clothes that encapsulated a balanced mixture of both aestheticism and oddness. Designers were required to use at least one unconventional material, such as compact discs and LED lights. As one of the two male models in the show, Jae Park (11) attracted the audience’s attention by dressing in a classy black suit and attaching shiny compact discs to his glasses.

“At first, I was nervous about being a model and what people would say about my quirky outfit,” said Jae. “After the show, I realized that I had worried for nothing—my designers and I received outstanding applause. The designers spent the bulk of second semester creating this outfit, so I am grateful that their hard work paid off. Overall, I had a great time, and if I get the chance again, I will definitely be a model next year.”

After the customary runway walks, an auction was held to sell bracelets showcased by models to the highest bidder. Although attendees were initially hesitant to bid, the audience steadily gained enthusiasm, with some prices reaching 90,000 won. Since money was to be donated for a good cause, many audience members were willing to buy the bracelets at high costs.

“This year’s profits could be the greatest compared to those of the past shows,” said Austin Jeong (11), HFH Treasurer. “The proceeds from the show along with most of our earnings throughout the year will be donated to the Water Project, a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to solve the problem of the lack of water in 3rd world countries. The money that we donate to the Water Project is used to build wells and rain catchment systems near schools and villages, allowing children to attend school full-time instead of walking miles in search of water.”