Students visit the marvels of Italy


Excitement rose from the students in the bus. Imagining the marvels of Renaissance art and architecture, the students of the art department along with others traveled to Italy from Mar. 23-30. Planned by art teachers Jane Mitchell and Elizabeth Lasure along with Educational Travel for International Tours (ETR), the trip provided a fruitful experience to participating students both within the art department and outside as students enjoyed the rich history and culture of Florence, Siena, Fiesole, and Venice.

“Last year, the Spanish class went to Spain and we had the idea of the trip to Italy from that moment,” said Ms. Mitchell. “Italy is such a beautiful place with great Renaissance architecture. We told the company what kind of places we wanted to go to and the company planned the trip with us.”

Continuing the tradition from last year’s Spain trip by the foreign language department, the art department’s visit to Italy was a complete change from previous years. Just last year, the art students visited the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Although the visit to DDP had a larger number of students participating, the field trip to Italy provided the students with an experience that was beyond comparison.

“When we went to draw and craft [during the trip], drawing the Virgin Mary and mask making were my most memorable moments,” said Annette Choi (10) “Doing something – making something – with hand was a thing that we did in a while, and I loved our work that came out in the end.”

The students’ experiences within the trip provided to be a success that was both filled with wonders and excitement amongst the students. Providing with a unique experience that not another trip could offer, the experience not only challenged the students but also brought a step closer to their peers and teachers.

“The trip as a whole was memorable,” said Claire Kim (10). “When we were going to museums and looking at old, famous works, it seemed too good to be true. The “adventures” wandering around the narrow, cobblestone alleyways had an atmosphere and feeling I will never forget and also miss. Yet out of all these memories, I am sure the most important and most memorable would be the bonds and relationships between our peers, teachers, and guide developed throughout this trip.”