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Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics—which will run from July 24-Aug. 9—will take place in Tokyo, Japan. The Games will mark the first time the Japanese capital has hosted the Summer Olympics since 1964 (the first to ever be held in Asia). The emblem for the next Olympics has been unveiled as a circular pattern made up of rectangular shapes in indigo blue. According Tokyo 2020 organizers, the logo represents “unity in diversity” and a “refined elegance.” The Tokyo Games will boast five more sports than the Rio Olympics to total 33, and these new categories, meant to draw a younger audience, include surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing karate, and softball/baseball. The host country also hopes to promote technological innovation by showcasing its autonomous cars, cyber security, visitor guidance by digital signage, and robots.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Games will take place in Beijing, China. Having hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing will be the first and only city to hold both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Organizing the Olympics requires the capacity to execute huge infrastructure projects. Since Beijing has already played host, some facilities have already been taken care of, which will lower costs for the city. But China will still be building six new venues in addition to the six that were built back in 2008 for the Summer Games. The emblem for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which was designed by artist Lin Cunzhen, was revealed in December and features a skater atop a mountain with a skier at the mountain’s bottom. While the blue color of the logo represents “dreams, the future and the purity of ice and snow,” red and yellow (colors of China’s flag) symbolize “passion, youth and vitality.” Even though the next Winter Olympics are four years away, Beijing is already selling merchandise for the Games, with ten official retail stores open across the country.