Marna Knoer: A presence we will miss


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By Eju Ro and Chris Lee

Layout by Claire Lee

Eight years ago, she stepped onto the SIS campus for the first time; this week, she will be stepping through the front gate for the last.

Marna Knoer, a longtime mathematics teacher, will depart Seoul to return to her home in Eugene, Oregon at the end of this school year. Through her eight years at SIS, Ms. Knoer has left a legacy in the mathematics community, in which she taught sixth grade math, Geometry, Pre-calculus, and Calculus and led the Mu Alpha Theta club.

“My goal is to let people enjoy math, just a little bit more at least.”

At the end of this school year, Ms. Knoer will be returning home and focusing her time on relaxing activities such as gardening, redecorating her house, and perhaps volunteering at local schools. As she bids her bittersweet farewells to her SIS friends and students, Ms. Knoer reflects back on her eight years as a pleasantly surprising gift–one that provided her with perspective, relationships, and memories she will continue to cherish.