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Unconventional clubs give SIS new looks


With the start of another school year, many new clubs have initiated unique activities to publicize their club. Because multiple prominent clubs already exist at SIS, new clubs are gearing toward bringing more unconventional activities to the school. New clubs such as Beats Per Minute (BPM), SIS Fashion Club, SIS STEM Club, and Committee of Young Psychologists (CYP) hope to effectively garner attention from the student body by offering novel experiences.

“We are very distinct from other music clubs in that we focus on contemporary music such as rap and R&B,” said Eric Hwang (11), BPM executive. “We promote playing around with the stylistic aspects of music rather than conforming to one standard. Most importantly, we highly encourage and value creativity.”

BPM’s activities especially underscore the creativity of the club. BPM strongly encourages newcomers to compose and produce their own music. Once the music has been composed, BPM then creates music videos that help share their members’ work. By approaching with a different music style from previous music clubs and inviting many students to share their passion in music, BPM strives to become a reputable organization within the school. Other clubs like SIS Fashion Club also offer innovative content to SIS students.

“Members are able to engage with fashion trends by creating fashion magazines every semester,” said Bona Kim (11), Fashion Club Editor-in-Chief. “Furthermore, to promote awareness of our club, we create entertaining and accessible YouTube videos regarding recent fashion trends.”

Fashion Club motivates students’ interest in fashion to develop into building constructive designs and analyzing recent trends. To do so, they hold workshops and create DIY fashion clothes. Once these clothes are finished, they are showcased in the club’s fashion show to bring attention to the Fashion Club’s purpose.

Meanwhile, other new clubs such as STEM and CYP attempt to promote career interests in specific fields of study. STEM Club is a research club that plans to focus its objectives on teaching the basics of engineering and encouraging members to use their knowledge to begin engineering projects. This organization stands as one of the first clubs to delve into engineering through exciting projects such as building robots and conducting yearlong research projects. Another prominent club, CYP, provides an opportunity to study a field of study that previous clubs have not explored.

“CYP is a club that bolsters students’ interest in psychology,” said Anthony Loveday, CYP adviser. “CYP brings a new look to SIS by bridging the educational aspects of psychology with entertaining elements that include discussing the psychology behind viral topics like the Yanny or Laurel debate.”

As the first soft science club in SIS, CYP organizes research fairs that allow members to explore psychological issues in depth. Furthermore, CYP attends international psychological competitions run by the American Psychological Association, allowing them to delve more deeply into the field of psychology. With club meetings already having begun, new clubs are excited about their future plans.

“When new clubs initiate club meetings, they are treading on unknown ground,” Mr. Loveday said. “They are experimenting what works best for them. So there will certainly be stumbles along the way. But that is what makes new clubs like CYP exciting. Every club meeting will be a brand new experience.”

With these four new clubs each having a distinct taste, they bring a fresh air to SIS. Ranging from contemporary music to fashion to researching specific fields of study, these new clubs each promote unique career interests. What makes these new clubs truly notable, however, is their remarkable sense of vitality.

“We look forward to the new school year,” Bona said. “The activities that our club promotes are definitely going to help many students interact with one another. We want people to be active, engaging, and attentive. That is exactly what our club and our activities intend to do.”

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