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BTS makes history with awards debut


As the first K-pop group to attend prestigious award ceremonies, the Korean boy band BTS made history at the 2019 Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. Having skyrocketed into international fame following three world tours and successful album releases, the group took the stage to present an award for the best R&B album category.

“It was breathtaking to see Korean artists make a debut at the Grammys, one of the most renowned music awards ceremony,” said Lyme Cho (11), an avid lover of BTS. “While they did not perform themselves, they stood at the stage and presented awards for artists such as H.E.R. I was proud to see the BTS members represent Korea at a venue where they could interact with singers from diverse cultures.”

Upon their arrival at the Grammy Awards, the BTS members received tremendous attention, receiving coverage from multiple media outlets. Most importantly, their album, “Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’” was the first K-pop album to be nominated for a Grammy, marking a momentous point in the history of Korean music.

“Aside from their album’s nomination, the BTS members’ presence at the Grammys was certainly noticeable,” said Elly Choi (10), a BTS fan. “Interestingly, BTS represented South Korea in their own way by wearing clothes from Korean brands. All seven members of the group wore custom attires from JayBaek Couture, a Korean designer brand. BTS even arrived at the event in Hyundai SUVs, using their popularity and success to represent their local brands and show Korean culture on such a renowned platform.”

With other K-pop groups, such as Blackpink, following BTS’s footsteps to make successful debuts on an American stage, K-pop has expanded to become a global phenomenon. Despite the existence of a language barrier, many international fans enjoy listening to Korean music and watching Korean idols dance. As for the BTS members, the Grammy Awards likely bestowed a rewarding experience to them, allowing them to converse with various famous artists and share their passion for music.

“It was wonderful to see BTS at the Grammy Awards,” said Kim Ji Min, SIS swimming coach and a spectator of the Grammys. “Seeing them stand on an equal footing to so many popular artists was notable. When the event began, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Kacey Musgraves, and Michelle Obama all came up to the stage and explained how music was so important to their lives. I’m glad that BTS, as a group representing Korea, was there to share this love and make us recognize that music is a global trend not limited to a certain country.”

Even after attending the Grammys, BTS’s prospects for this year seem to grow bigger. Numerous famous artists such as Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, and Tinashe have expressed their desire to collaborate with the K-pop group for an album. By expressing similar desires to work with American artists, BTS continues to keep their fans’ hopes high that this year will be promising and successful.

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